Wishing Everyone A Happy Lunar New Year!

year of the goat


Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Here’s all of us together with our partners at Value Invest Asia wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead.

We have enjoyed sharing what we know about investment with all of you guys out there and we hope that we have made your investment journey slightly easier!


Maybe while eating your bak kwa over this festive period, other than thinking of where you can get your hands on more of that nice bak kwa, maybe you would instead think of questions like:

1) Who makes this Bak Kwa?

2) What makes it so special?

3) Does the company that makes it have any competitive edge?

4) How do they stack up among the other bak kwa players?

5) If you have positive responses from the above questions, you might wonder if this particular bak kwa company is listed and if you could get them at the right price!


Most people will tend to stop at Qn 1 but call it a occupational habit for us – We tend to want to know and we try to integrate this into every part of our everyday life until it becomes 2nd nature to us.

The key is asking the right questions!

As Steve Jobs says “stay hungry” – both literally and figuratively! 🙂


Additionally, we are always open to suggestions from you guys out there. If you have any burning investment linked questions or even if its pertaining to a specific company, we would be more than happy to find out more for you! Just drop us a message at our email address right here at info@valueinvestasia.com



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