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  1. what do you think about Travelsky Technology Ltd, 0696:HKEX, and his latest price decline?
    If you don´t know this company, is the provider of passenger reserves in the China´s Aviation industry and the provider of data and logistics services for many large airports in China.
    with no debt, good margins and a monopolistic business with the biggest airlines and airports as stakeshareholers along with China Government stakeholder.

    • Hi Alvaro,
      yea, Travelsky definitively looks interesting and has a strong tailwind behind it, given the huge growth of the Chinese aviation industry.
      So far from the numbers, they seems like a pretty good company, without any major issue from our first look at them.
      Definitive a company worth watching. Maybe we will try to reach out to its management to see if we can do a deeper analysis into the company for you guys.
      Thanks! Great find Alvaro

  2. I like to join via as a member. I am a senior citizen and therefore not sure how. Pls advise the step i need to take to be a member.


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