What Did I Just Watch?



Ever watched and/or read about financial news that made almost no sense?

Well my friend pasted me a link and that was exactly what I was in store for (Well he did warn me that it was more entertaining than informative lol)

And this was not a video from a 3rd rate media source.

Hint: Take a look at the right side of the video at the back of the wall.

Without further ado, here’s 1 min and 18 seconds of ‘fun’!



To wrap it up, here are some memorable quotes:


1) “So the Dow lost a thousand points yesterday then bounced back up but the lesson of this story are that stocks are dangerous things to own. And when you own stocks you can lose a lot of money”

An ice cream stick can also be a deadly weapon if used well.


2) “It wasn’t that long ago that the Dow was at 7,000 and if it can be there then it can also be back there in the future as well”

Hmm say what now?

So prices fluctuate?

If there was a fundamental reason why prices should change, I would be more inclined to follow the reasoning, however in the video (At least in these 1 min 18 seconds) there was no clear reason that might result in a change in price other than normal market fluctuations.


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I hope that this short 1 min 18 seconds of fun have brightened up your day!

Have a great weekend 😀


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