What and Where to Invest: Your Investment Survival Kit for 2021

This article is produced in partnership with FSMOne.com, join FSMOne.com as we ring in the New Year with our 5-day virtual investment and personal finance conference – What and Where to Invest 2021 from 9 – 21 January 2021. Our myriad of speakers will share about the various elements needed for your investment survival kit for 2021 and we will also be showcasing our Key Investment Themes and macro outlook on the very first day (9 January 2021). Register online now – admission is FREE!

2020 is on track to become an important year in history that everyone will remember for the changes it brought about to our daily lives, from how we work to how we socialise, and inevitably changing how we invest and what we invest in.

While investors may have physically survived the year, the anguish and doubts felt during the year as the financial markets went through a wild roller coaster ride, may have inadvertently led to certain wrong decisions or missed opportunities during the year, impacting investors’ portfolios in 2020. 

As we step into 2021, and with further uncertainties stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic and its continuous impact on the global (and local) economy and various sectors, and with valuations of selected “beneficiary” sectors at levels which may seem unsustainable, there may be investors who feel like they are now stranded in a no-man’s land, where unfamiliar circumstances and situations cloud their decision making.

This is why we have decided to bring back our flagship event “What and Where to Invest” (WAWTI) in January 2021, as we believe this is one question at the top of many investors’ minds, as they venture into the very first year of the now cliché term “The New Normal”. 


Date / TimeThemeDescription
9 Jan 2021 (Sat)
10am – 4pm
Looking Back & Looking Forward
Can your portfolio “survive” another global pandemic?Let us shed light on lessons learnt in 2020.
As much as it is important to know the state of our investments after 2020,we need to know where we are heading.Let us point you towards areas to focus on in 2021.
12 Jan 2021 (Tue)7pm – 9pmBuilding Your Investment Survival Kit
First Aid Kit
Experiencing a wounded portfolio from a bad experience in the market?Find out which asset classes or investment themes can provide a healing touch.
14 Jan 2021 (Thu)7pm – 9pmStrategy Playbook for 2021
Swiss Army Knife
We often aim for a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. To do so, we need to learn how to cut through the noise and into the realities of markets to seize opportunities.
Navigating the investment universe can be overwhelming, let alone if you are facing an unexpected situation. You can always choose to seek a helping hand from professionals who have mapped out the treacherous terrain for you.
19 Jan 2021 (Tue)7pm – 9pmWhat, Where (and When) to Invest in 2021?
To achieve your financial goals, you must first ensure you have sufficient resources to last your investment time horizon and meet your financial goals. This also means you need to be efficient in handling your resources and to do so – we can answer the question: What, Where (and When) to Invest in 2021?
21 Jan 2021 (Thu)7pm – 9pmAge 21, 31, 41, or 51? It’s Never Too Late to Start Investing!
As FSMOne celebrates its 21st year in 2021, we believe investing is a way to help everyone achieve financial freedom, especially for those coming of age and beginning their journey of adulthood. Join us as we show you the ropes and prepare you for the long sometimes arduous investing journey ahead of you. This session is a must-have in your investment survival kit for 2021!

To help investors better equip themselves with the various “tools” to ensure the survival of their investments and to ensure that they thrive in the New Year, we have curated a series of different online presentations in a virtual setting, covering various topics to put together a suite of survival kit and the respective “tools” that could be both helpful to investors as they navigate new market conditions in the new year, and to also provide the basic necessities to lead them out of life (or investment)-threatening events and/or market movements.

Join us at What and Where to Invest, FSMOne’s Virtual Investment & Personal Finance Conference, constituting 6 sessions from 9 – 26 January 2021 (includes a full Chinese session on 26 January).

At the 6 sessions, our very own iFAST / FSMOne research analysts and products specialists from across the region, as well as our product partners bring together an entire month of interesting topics for investors’ reference! 

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