Value Chamber

Value Chambers

Value Chamber is an exclusive online investment club where top investors share their best investment ideas.

You might have realized that you can only do so much with your time. Imagine you need a month to find one good investment in the market, how long do you need to find sufficient ideas for your portfolio. More importantly, how are you going to monitor all the news about them after that?

This was how Value Chambers came about. Think of us as a “Master Mind” Group (more on that in Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich), only that we are accessible online! We gather the brightest minds in the investment community in Asia and let everyone share their ideas with one another.

How does Value Chamber work?

Value Chambers is a by-invitation-only club. Membership is FREE for guest members.

To be a full member and view all the ideas contributed by everyone, you would need to submit an original idea of your own to our platform. Membership approval depends on the quality of your submitted investment idea, that is how we maintain the high quality of the ideas within Value Chamber.

To join us, you just have to submit one original investment idea as your initial membership consideration. Your application will then be vetted with the sole criteria being the quality and rationale of your idea.

More details on idea submission once you register right HERE!

Why join Value Chamber?

The ONLY criteria is the quality of YOUR investment idea. Hence, unlike other investment discussion pages out there, we feel that our stringent membership considerations support a certain quality of investment discussions.

Other than the sharing of investment case studies, we also have in place discussions for any other investment linked topics under the sun. So share, learn and network with us at Value Chamber.

To Apply

This is a by-invitation-only website. Each potential member must submit an online application of their investment idea.

You can contact us to find out more.