Top 8 Most Annoying Investment Phrases



Yes, we have all heard it before.  The same old investment maxims or advice.  When you go to forums, or when you talk to other investors, you hear them spouting these phrases. When you turn on the TV, you get bombarded by these phrases as well.  It’s the same old words, same old advice, same old crap, that you are subjected to hear over and over again once you are in the investing community.  I am so sick of it.  If the next person says any of these phrases to me I swear I am gonna go berserk.

I don’t understand why investors love using these phrases.  Perhaps we are limited by the jargon used?  Or perhaps we want to sound smart?  Perhaps… there’s nothing more to investment other than following the same old advice or maxims?

All I know… is that they really annoy the crap out of me…Aargh!


1.  Earnings Miss Estimates

Earnings miss estimates.  Or issit estimates miss earnings?  Either ways, who gives a shit?!

I’d rather watch Anchorman 1 and 2 than the financial news.


2.  Stocks will most likely remain volatile going forward.


But seriously, if I get a dollar every time ‘experts’ appear on TV and says this phrase, I will be filthy rich.  Hey, in fact I should create an ETF to track the number of ‘experts’ saying this phrase around the entire world!


3.  “You bought that stock? How do you sleep at night?”

“I don’t. I stay up all night worrying if earnings miss estimates…”

Somehow investors like to mix investing and sleeping.  I don’t get it.  I have invested in bad stocks before and I slept very well… I find sleeping a good way to escape reality.


4.  ” Blah blah blah blah… Black Swan Event….”

“Oooh I see! You read Nassim Taleb too?  Oh You Smarty Pants – You…”

Black Swan Event is just a fancy way of saying “Shit Happens” or “Ji Bai Si Liao”.  All these intellectuals can’t call a spade a spade.  Need to sound smart by coining some chic terminology for something so simply explained.  Next time, when Singapore’s soccer team qualifies for the World Cup, we shall call it a Black Swan Event.


5.  Education is the best investment.

No. Wrestling is the best education….AAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!


6. Gold is a Good Hedge Against Inflation.

And Critical Thinking is a Good Hedge against Bullshit.  Sorry if I have offended investors who love gold.  You can argue your case for gold in the comments section.  I can use what you type for a part 2 of this post.


7.  Historical data is not indicative of future performance.

Historical data indicates that every investor says this phrase at least once in their lifetime.


Come on, admit it!


8.  Buy Low. Sell high.



I hope I am not the only one who feels this way. Feel free to share some other annoying investment phrases that you have heard!


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