Top 3 New Year Resolutions For Investors


The New Year is upon us. Planning to make 2015 the year where you perfect your investment skill. Here are top 3 things you need to be doing next year to grow as an investor.


All great investors are active readers. There is so much to learn. Investing is both an art and a science, and we can learn from reading any type of subjects. Here are Bill Gates’ personal favourites. You can also check out our own reading list here. We can learn not just from business and investing books. Many psychology, economy and biology books have valuable information to make us a better investor.


What better way to learn to invest than actually investing. Practice makes perfect. If you are uncomfortable risking your money, try out investing with only money you can afford to lose. As you invest and learn more about the company you have purchase, your knowledge in both the company and investment will gain rapidly. Check out our top 3 stocks to watch in 2015!

Network And Discuss

One of the fastest way to improve yourself is to hang around with people you aspire to become. Network and join friends who are also interested in investing. Discuss and challenge one another on your ideas and strategies. Not everyone has the same perceptive, learning another person’s point of view might open your eyes on different ways to look at the same thing. If you are able to see something from multiple angles, it will definitely improve your skill as an investor.

Value In Action

Investing is about life-long learning. Value Invest Asia hopes to join you in your journey of becoming a better investor.

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