Top 3 Companies To Watch In 2015


The New Year is upon us soon, here are my pick of the top 5 companies you need to keep an eye on for 2015.

Tingyi Cayman Islands Holdings Corp

As one of the largest food and beverage companies in China, Tingyi Cayman Islands Holdings Corp (332:HK) is embroiled into a massive oil scandal when one of its suppliers in Taiwan was involved with what is now known as the “2014 Taiwan gutter oil scandal”. Although Tingyi is not directly involved in the scandal, the issue has definitely caused consumers to question more about such products. Furthermore, with the slower economy in China, Tingyi is seeing revenue drop in the recent quarters. Can Tingyi turn its fortune around in 2015? It is definitely worth keeping this company in your watchlist.

Major Chinese Banks

You either believe it or you don’t. The potential credit risk existing in Chinese banks is not new to many investors. The media continuously made it sound like the Chinese banks are at the brink of destruction. Yet most of the major Chinese banks are trading at 5 to 6 times price to earnings. If the risk is real, the Chinese banks might be in the “too big to fail” category of business. If the risk is not real, the potential for investors is huge. Either way, major Chinese banks are interesting companies to watch in 2015.

Hengdeli Holdings Ltd

The largest luxury watch distributor in China, Hengdeli Holdings Ltd (3389:HK) was greatly affected by the crackdown in corruption in China. Yet, the long term growth story seems intact. With growing wealth in the country and the nation push for internal consumption. It might be interesting to see if the Chinese consumers are strong enough to support the sales of Hengdeli.

Value In Action

It is not in our nature as value investors to view the market in short term period such as a year. However, one thing for sure, 2015 will continue to be a year of fluctuating markets. Enjoy!

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