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Looking back at the week, here are some of the most interesting investment news that happened during the week:


1) China’s First SOE to Default!

We might all have this perception that Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are a sure thing when it comes to coupon payments for an onshore bond.

Following Baoding Tianwei Group Co.’s default of its coupon of  US$13.8 million early this week, things might not be as ironclad as we had previously thought.

Coupled with the recent missed interest payment by Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd in 2015, it would definitely pay for us to be more prudent when doing our due diligence!


2) Grexit! 

Or as most of us know more commonly – the potential of a Greek exit from the Eurozone. This carried on from last week and with the deadline looming closer, things are starting to look more intense for the Eurozone. Bloomberg reports on their impending obligations did not paint a bright picture for this sticky situation. It was also hinted in Channel News Asia that German was preparing for the worst, Plan B – what happens if Greece defaults


3) Taipei-Shanghai Connect!

After the implementation of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect in 2014, there has been recent news on a similar arrangement between Taipei and Shanghai. However terms of this arrangement do not seem to be set in stone at the moment.

However what we can look forward to is the Singapore-Taipei Stock Connect that is scheduled to be launched sometime at the end of 2015.


4) Oil Recovery On The Cards? 

With oil prices at recent highs, Brent at 4.5 months high and US rude up for the sixth week, is a recovery on the cards?

Check out this article from Reuters that indicates that things are not as straightforward as it might look.


Have a great Sunday!


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