The Manual of Ideas: The Proven Framework for Finding the Best Value Investments by John Mihaljevic

A good read especially for those who are just starting out in investing and are exploring avenues in generating ideas and/or building toward an investment framework. This book has compiled not only the various strategies used by veteran value investors such as Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt, Warren Buffett, it also mentions other obscure yet very skilled investors around the world.



Being invested in the stock market for a few years now, the book has appealed to me in exploring some of these investment strategies. Some of them are new to me and have given me a different perspective to stock investing.



The Manual of Ideas has split up the various investment strategies into individual chapters, giving a brief introduction of the investment framework, how and why this framework has worked over the years  with the chapters providing tools and sources to help budding investors like myself uncovering some of these ideas. Below are the 9 chapters in which some of these strategies are being listed:


  1. Deep Value: Ben Graham-Style Bargains
  2. Sum-of-the-Parts Value: Investing in Companies with Excess or Hidden Assets
  3. Greenblatt’s Magic Search for Good and Cheap Stocks
  4. Jockey Stocks: Making Money alongside Great Managers
  5. Follow the Leaders: Finding Opportunity in Superinvestor Portfolios
  6. Small Stocks, Big Returns? The Opportunity in Underfollowed Small- and Micro-Caps
  7. Special Situations: Uncovering Opportunity in Event-Driven Investments
  8. Equity Stubs: Investing (Or Speculating?- in Leveraged Companies
  9. International value Investments: Searching for Value beyond Home Country Borders



The most useful intangible asset a young investor possesses is time. If you have just started out in your investment journey, do have a go on the book. Perhaps, there might be some angles toward investing you have missed out or in the midst of reading have found a more suitable investment style. The book also lists other obscure yet very skilled fund managers which John Mihaljevic has written about.



Value in Action

There is no one right way to investing. The title of the book speaks for itself and I think John Mihaljevic has done a wonderful job not only compiling the various investment strategies and interviewing fund managers but also to put his thoughts in on value investing.


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