Seeing Huge Electricity Demand In China? Maybe This Is The Company For You

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As a nation grows, a few things tend to happen. The general wealth of its people starts to grow. With increased wealth, the populations might demand more products and services. This would then help its industrial sector get a boost as demand for goods increases. One more thing that is almost certain is that electricity usage would increase dramatically. This is what has been happening in China. With the country still expecting to grow at around the 7% range, the demand for electricity is


far from over.


Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited (HKG:2727), one of the largest energy equipment providers in China. The company achieved a sale of RMB 78.8 billion in 2013. The company operates in 4 main segments of business.


New Energy

The company is engaged in the design, manufacturing and sale of nuclear power, nuclear island equipment products, and wind power equipment products. This is the smallest segment of its business, obtaining only RMB 5.86 billion worth of sales in 2013. The department was still loss making for 2013.


High Efficiency and Clean Energy

This segment of the business design, manufacturing and sale of thermal power equipment products and corollary equipment, nuclear power conventional island equipment products and power transmission and distribution equipment products. This is the largest segment of the company, recording about RMB 32.7 billion of sales in 2013, and chalking up RMB 2.0 billion of operating profit.


Industrial Equipment

This segment of the business design, manufacturing and sale of elevators, electrical motors, machine tools, printing and packaging equipment, marine crankshafts and other electromechanical equipment products. This is also quite a significant contributor of sale, recording RMB 25.3 billion of sales and RMB1.7 billion of operating profit in 2013.


Modern Services

Lastly the company has a modern services segment which is engaged in the provision of integrated engineering services for power station products, financial products and services, international trading services, financial lease and other consulting and brokerage business.

This segment contributed RMB20.3 billion of sales and RMB1.47 billion of operating profit. This is also the highest margin segment of the business, having an operating margin of 7.2%.


Value In Action

Revenue is actually growing at 7.3% CAGR since 2009. However, investors have to know that its net profit for its shareholders has hardly moved in the same period. Yet, the huge potential of China’s future electricity demand cannot be denied. It would be interesting to see how this company panned out in the future.

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