Are You Ready For Some Really Exciting Interesting Things (Hint: REITs) !

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Are you ready for some Really Exciting Interesting Things? Or Simply REITs!

A short intro to REITs can be found in our earlier article by Willie introducing “The Basics of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)” Today we cut to the chase and introduce to you all out there the REITs available on the SGX. Many people might have a misconception that REIT‚Äôs and Business Trust are the same type of vehicle.

However these are two totally different types of animals but this is a tale for another day!

For today:


From our list we can see that there are a few different types of REITs: Today our focus is on SG listed REITS and our list is as follows:

1)    Retail

2)    Commercial

3)    Logistics

4)    Industrial

5)    Healthcare

A brief introduction additional examples of the above segments were discussed by Willie in his article “The Various Types of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)” awhile back! Woah Willie is on fire right here haha

Value In Action

In our coming weeks, we would discuss more on the pros and cons of each of these segments! But from their dividend yield averaging close to 5%, we can see why REITs seem attractive to investors seeking income returns.


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