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Who Is Value Invest Asia?

Value Invest Asia is a financial site that has been shortlisted by Singapore Exchange (SGX) Orb Awards 2018 as one of the three “” financial websites in Singapore.

We are part of a group of investors who have been making money in the Asian stock markets by playing with our own rules.

Much of the financial advice given in the market today are filled with conflict of interests. We search out our own research, cut through the smokes in the market and get to the truth.

We only rely on public information and seek out the best of the best investors to learn from them.We are here to push for a more transparent stock market and we are Value Invest Asia.

What Can You Expect?

Simple, straight-to-the-point analysis of companies listed across Asia.

By signing up to our newsletter, you will get a monthly detailed ASIA-IN-FOCUS Report, where we bring you the latest analysis on what is happening in the stock market and the opportunities right now.

We will alert you on our latest reports on the market, both written and through video-form. This includes our flagship podcast, “The Asian Mavericks“, where we fly across Asia to interview business leaders, founders and key fund managers in the region on how to create sustainable businesses.

The Asian Mavericks
Available on YouTube, Facebook and all major podcast stream

You will also get updated with our upcoming events happening online and offline as we hold regular workshops and webinars.

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