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Referencing to one of Stanley’s articles on the Five Investment Books You Must Read to Be a Serious Investor, I do like to add that investors who are starting out their investing journey to also have a read at some of the local fund management firms’ newsletters to shareholders.


Similar to how Warren Buffett releases his annual letters to shareholders, these articles written by some of our very own local managers are bring very useful information which could be more relevant to those investing within Asia.


Here are some good reads which are freely available on the companies’ websites:


Lumiere Capital’s Investor Letters

Lumiere Capital is a Singapore-based investment management company which focuses on investing in deeply undervalued equities of companies in Asia. The company, run by two fund managers issues half-yearly and annual reviews of their fund. Their letters to shareholders would usually state commentaries on the general economy and case studies of companies which they might have invested before.


Lighthouse Advisors’ Public Newsletters

Lighthouse Advisors is a Singapore-based fund management company which invests with a bottom-up and value driven approach. Newsletters to clients are released on a quarterly basis. What I like about the articles is that the manager usually talks about financial statement definitions followed by case studies of some companies as examples. Useful for those who wish to have a deeper understanding of certain financial jargons.


Apollo Investment Management

Although not a Singapore-based company, Apollo Investment Management does specialize in Asian equities where the company’s values businesses from a long-term private buyer perspective, ignoring the vagaries of the stock market in the short-term. Articles are written periodically by the fund manager. Content is worth a read if you have the time on hand.


Value in Action

For those starting out in investing, sometimes it is always good to have a fresh perspective from different fund managers approaching the concept of value investing.


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