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Who Has The Crystal Ball?

When we are first starting out in investing, there was no proper channel for us to learn how to invest properly. Most of the “advice” out there, even by professionals are simply asking us to speculate with our money. They nudged us to trade in and out of a stock constantly. And make it sounds like only the “professionals” have the crystal ball about investing while the rest of us are doomed to failure if we do not listen to them.

The truth is no one has the crystal ball. Luckily for us, we never did listen to them. We experimented with our own concept, try to implement proven value investing strategies that have worked for great investors like Warren Buffett. After years of experiment and shaping the strategies to suit the Asian Stock Markets, we are starting to see some results in our investments.

We are part of a group of investors who have been making money in the Asian stock markets by playing with our own rules. We search out our own research, cut through the smokes in the market and get to the truth. We only rely on public information and seek out the best of the best investors to learn from them. We are here to push for a more transparent stock market and the first step in this journey is this!

We are launching a FREE basic investment program. It is our “Beginner’s Guide To Investing In The Asian Stock Market”. It is a simple-to-understand investment program where we will release a new episode every week. It is a course that we ourselves would want to have if we are just starting out in investing. The course is perfect for completely new investors and seasoned investors who are struggling to find the right path to successful investing.

We talked about the basics of investing like:

  • Can you really make money in the stock market?
  • What Is A Stock
  • Difference Between Investing & Speculation
  • History Of Great Investors
  • How To Read A Stock Information Page

To the concepts and practical guide on how to invest in the market. Our Course guide includes:

  • What Is Value Investing?
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Value Investor?
  • How To Read A Financial Statement?
  • How To Start A Brokerage Account In Singapore
  • How To Start A Brokerage Account In Malaysia
  • The Three Type Of Value To Be Found In The Stock Market
  • What Is Screening And How To Screen For The Right Stocks
  • How To Value A Company
  • How To Put It All Together: Case Study

All our lessons come with a video presentation, audio podcast, full written course notes, PowerPoint slides, real-life and current case studies about listed companies in Asia. Our entire basic course is absolutely free for all to learn.

To get started, just register for free at

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