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Investing in Asia


One of the great things about being based in Asia is the wide variety of markets that you can access. One of the most important characteristics in succeeding in any field is figuring out your edge.

Let’s say you are based in the US. Even if you were a brilliant fundamental analyst, you did your homework, you did your due diligence… it doesn’t change the fact that you are up against equally hardworking and well equipped individuals who have studied Graham and Dodd too.

People who have gone through Berkshire’s annual letters, who have done as much work as you have, and who are just as determined as you to succeed.

And that’s okay.

The way around the problem is not to meet them head on.

No matter where you go, markets are made up of people. Markets are driven by human emotions, and you can exploit that by taking what you know from one discipline and bringing it to another.

Like I always say, investing is not about being original.

What works is what makes money.

That’s why I recommend investors hone on their craft by studying what works from successful investors in the US. You can get a lot of free and paid information by studying existing investors who have already “made it”.

Then apply it to Asia.

Here are some interesting statistics to to motivate you.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange – 1,551 listings
Shanghai Stock Exchange – 914 listings
Tokyo Stock Exchange – 3,478 listings
South Korea Stock Exchange – 1,779 listings
Thailand Stock Exchange – 559 listings
Malaysia Stock Exchange –  919 listings
Singapore Stock Exchange – 776 listings

This isn’t a comprehensive list. I’ve left out Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and more.

Plenty of these nations do not have English as their fast language.

Translation? They can’t tap into the wisdom of those who are in the Western markets.

If you’re reading this, you have a huge edge by just reading, learning more and working harder than everyone else by understanding one or two markets well.

That’s your edge.


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