Investing 101

Learn The Basics of Value Investing Here

Are you learning about value investing? Congratulation on embarking on this wonderful journey toward your own financial freedom. Investing does not have to be complicated. We prepared a step-by-step guide to help you get up to speed.

Value Investing Starts With The Mindset

Before we even start buying our first stock, we have to understand why we are investing in the first place and what you can expect. Investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you are hoping to make easy money within a few months in the stock market, this site is not for you. Value investing is a life-long philosophy on how to manage your wealth. It is about how we should look at a company. Every company in the stock market has a real business behind it. And we should always focus on the business, not the ticker.

Value investing requires you train your emotion. Not everyone can be a great value investor, but you can still train to be a good one. Find out if value investing is suitable for you. If you believe that you have what it takes to be a good value investor, then it is important to know these 5 key things about investing in the stock market. Every good investor needs to have the right mindset in investing; which is to be patience in compounding your savings, know the basics of accounting and know where to look for information about a company.

Value Investing Has Proven In Producing Great Wealth For Many

Value investing is a trial and tested philosophy of investing. There are many famous investors around the world that have made their fortune through investing. Asia is home to many of them as well. Find out about three of the most famous investors in Asia here.

We want to invest to increase our chances of becoming a millionaire someday. However, how long would it actually take for us to reach that magical million? Expect your expectation straight and you would have a better chance of reaching that goal. Use our calculator to find out how long you would need to become a millionaire.

Can You Commit The Time Needed To Be A Great Value Investor?

Next, being an investor would require some commitment of our time. We need to spend time researching about companies, managing our portfolio and following up on new developments. If all these does not interest you, maybe you have to look at whether being a passive investor or passing your investment to a professional. However, we would still benefit to know the actual process of investing so as to not get caught in surprises in the market or falling into investment scams.

There are many strategies of value investing. Many investors have used different styles of investing and yet producing great results from them. Some of the most common style of value investing includes: deep value investing, dividend investing and growth investing.deep value investing, dividend investing and growth investing.

Let’s Get Started

If you have gone through all the articles below, you would be ready to start your investing journey. Find out more about the markets you are interested in. Get started with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange and Bursa Malaysia.  Lastly, here is how to start a brokerage account in your country:

We also included some of our favourite online tools for helping us with our research.

Investing is a life-long journey and Value Invest Asia is here to provide you with the best resources about how to invest and the analysis of companies listed here in Asia. To stay up to date with the market, remember to subscribe to our mailing list. You would be able to get a free E-Book, Our Stock Guide 2017: Top 10 Companies In Our Watch List Today, if you sign up now!


Step-by-Step Guide To Get Started In Value Investing