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Welcome To Value Invest Asia

We are an Asia-focused financial media site where we research companies, bring you market analysis and other investing educational information. If today is the first time you are visiting us, here are some pages for you to get started.

New to Investing?

Want to learn how to invest? At Value Invest Asia, we want to create a reader-friendly experience to help you learn more about investing in Asia. Click on the links below to start your investing journey.

Investing 101

Totally new to investing? Learn the basics of Value Investing here.

Free Investing Course

Or you can sign up for our FREE beginner’s guide to investing in Asia course right here.

Company Analysis

We bring you up-to-date independent analysis on companies listed around Asia. Click below to find out more about companies in each market.


Straits Times Index Constituent Stocks – Analysis on all 30 companies listed as the constituent stock of Straits Times Index

Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust


Kuala Lumpur Composite Index Constituent Stocks -Analysis on all 30 companies listed as the constituent stock of KLCI

Hong Kong

Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks – Analysis on all 30 companies listed as the constituent stock of Hang Seng Index


China A-Shares – Analysis on companies listed in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges


Stock Guide 2017

You can download our Free E-Book: Our Stock Guide 2017 Which include a full analysis 10 of our most important watchlist stocks of 2017.

Free E-Book: 3 Simple Valuation Technique to Live By

Our E-Book provides clear solutions for you. We just narrow down to the 3 key valuation techniques you need to know as an investor. With just these 3 simple tools, you would be able to value just about any type of companies in the stock market!

Download it here.

Value Investing In Asia

We are the authors of the book “Value Investing In Asia; The Definitive Guide To Investing In Asia”.  It is a practical guide on how we can apply the concept of value investing right here in Asia. To find out more, click here.

Understanding Financial Ratios

Find out more about financial ratios and how to interpret them.

Understanding Financial Jargons

Find out more about Financial Jargons and how to understand them.

Learning from Famous Investors

Want to learn more directly from famous investors?

Here are the links to their own personal investment letters.

Other Book Recommendations?

What better way to learn about investing than reading? Here are our recommendations on some of our favourite investment and financial books. Click here to find out more.

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