Here’s A Look At Some of Singapore’s Top Investment Bloggers!

Stuck in the MRT during rush hour but having no space to read your papers or books?

Why not whip out your mobile devices (small enough to be able to read a short post even when you might be like sardines in a can) to some of Singapore’s leading investment sites. You could add to your investment knowledge, while also being entertained at the same time! There’s pretty much no downside and since there’s close to not much you can do while being sardine-d, why not give it a try?

Without further ado, we present to you some of Singapore’s leading investment bloggers (and their sites)! Note: List in alphabetical order and not by any particular ranking.



Many of you out there might know of AK71 as the guy that appears in his trademark attire, the whole deal with the mask and all. He was the guy that went on stage as a panelist at the recent Invest X Congress 2015 (Organised by the Fifth Person) and yes, in his trademark attire.  Although I did not personally attend the congress, what I heard from friends that went was that the moment AK went on stage he lighted the mood by sharing of his funny experiences in his candid style.

Personally I enjoy his simple, direct (candid) and not to mention entertaining posts covering all sorts of topics under the sun, from his interactions with readers all the way to CPF (he even has an ebook on it!)



Big Fat Purse

Led by Alvin, his team at Big Fat Purse was set up to provide financial education to the public (that’s people like you and I). What this means that they do not solely cover topics on equity investments (Their CNAV method) but also things like bonds, insurance, lawyer stuff and even to topics like student loans. Basically anything under the sun where the topic of personal finance goes!

What I found interesting is that even with entry level stuff like Medishield Life they also had in depth articles on Rights Issue which I personally found very helpful. Interestingly this was because I came across the term “renounceable non-underwritten rights issue” and went to google it. And among the top few google searches stood Big Fat Purse’s article with a detailed real life case study which pretty much answered most of my queries on this term. In short a “renounceable non-underwritten rights issue” means that this rights issue are transferable to other investors and will be listed i.e. on SGX with a separate counter name and is not underwritten or structured by an investment bank hence there might not be a guarantee that the funds sought will be raised.

Maybe because I am a parent, I also enjoy Jon’s articles on parenting and investing, some of his posts include “Investing for my kids – A Parent’s Story“,  “Getting my kid to sleep” as well as the the most recent “Revelations of a Staycation“.



Giraffe Value

What we like about GV is that the site is written in a Singaporean context and what he publishes is actionable. Both these points are as what he highlighted in his “What to Expect” section and from what I have been reading, he has been delivering on them. Just check out his 4 part series on “The Definitive Guide: How to Start SG Stocks Investing” where it covered the whole deal starting from the setting up of both your CDP and brokerage accounts to details concerning:

  • Stocks and stock exchange
  • Benefits of being a shareholder
  • Is it worth paying thousands for investing Seminar/Courses
  • How much money might one need to start investing
  • Using the Index (Straits Times Index) as a Benchmark
  • Compounding (If this is the first time you hear of this term, be prepared to get your mind blown)

If you haven’t already known, he is a believer in a systematic approach specifically an approach known as Deep Value investing or simply put, a focus on the Company’s assets with its assets being valued significantly higher than market price. As a parting note, I will be leaving you with one of his latest article on REITs which in my opinion is a very good starting point for someone starting out on their journey to figure out Singapore’s REIT industry!



The Asia Report

Although The Asia Report is new to the investment blogging circle, the man behind – Jun Hao is no stranger to this field. Jun Hao ran the site Quantitative Value from 2010 until recently when his focus shifted from the US markets to the Asian investing scene or in his own words, With the bull market in full force in the United States, I decided to wind down the US portion of my equity holdings to focus my attention on the South East Asian Economies – Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.” This was when The Asia Report was born.

What I look forward are Jun Hao’s posts on Company discussions. Although he has a focus on the asset side of the business with a clear breakdown of assets that matter with a discussion of how he would value the Company, he also considers other factors like their:

  • Major Shareholders
  • Remuneration level of the Board

One of such a company was highlighted in part 1 of his 2 part series “Powermatic – Hidden Assets, Hidden Value? (Part 1/2)“. Some of his past articles also included companies such as HK listed Tan Chong International and SGX listed Zagro Asia. What I find most beneficial from such articles is that it acts as sort of a screening tool for us to comb through potential investment ideas.




Though started only in 2015, this blog with personal anecdotes by the BF – Jerry, caught my attention. What kept me coming back was the wit and humor used in his articles and most of these were issues that you and I might think of. Another plus was his stories (more than just involving being a BF GF blog it lives up to its name and even provides dating tips!) more often that not had a personal touch to them for example like “My Financially-Clueless Friend“, “How to Save Money in Singapore“.

Another highlight would be to view the BF GF Blog as a compilation of their investment journey which compiles both the ups and downs. One article where I found interesting was “My biggest Noob Investing Mistakes” where Jerry detailed down 3 of his most painful investments made. Why this caught my attention was although one half of investing is making the right investments, the other equally or even more important point was for one to be able to avoid the bad apples. As they say, if you make a 50% loss you would need a 100% gain just to break even!

The three timeless lessons learnt at the end of the article (it’s always good to learn by experience, preferably from the experience of others) included:

  • Don’t trust analysts’ reports
  • Don’t trust newspaper headlines
  • Don’t Buy Anything that you do not understand

Essentially the overarching point was to do your due diligence and not to take what other people tell you at face value when it comes to your investments. Because at the end of the day, the money at stake is YOUR money 🙂



The FIfth Person

If you are the organiser of an investment congress with a hall packed with over 500 people at Suntec City Convention Centre with partners like GYC, The Asia Report, Lim & Tan Securities, City Index and Wiley Inc, I think that pretty much says it all. And InvestX Congress 2015 was organised by none other than The Fifth Person.

Led by Victor and Rusmin, the 5 man team chose to name themselves The Fifth Person not solely because there are five “all-too-handsome blokes” in the team but it was also because they believe in bringing multiple perspectives to the table. When it comes to investing, they think that having more than one fair and educated opinion makes us all better investors. And we here at Value Invest Asia are all for what they stand for!

Personally, what draws me to their site again and again are their summary of events and personal analysis/thoughts post their visits with management and AGMs (Annual General Meetings) which can clearly value add in our investment process. The most recent few included F&N Ltd, Starhill Global REIT and Singapore Post Ltd.

Take their F&N Ltd article for example, I was just looking at the F&B industry in Singapore and just from that article, I got a quick summary of events that happened during their AGM including:

  • The situation with their printing and publishing arm
  • Plans with their recent US$542 million from the sale of Myanmar Brewery for future acquisition – i.e. recent bid for 2x beer brands Peroni and Grolsch
  • Shareholders concern on capital allocation in Europe
  • Dividend policy (this always tends to come up during AGMs)
  • Volume growth in 100 Plus
  • Collaboration opportunities with Thai Beverage




True to its name, Turtle Investor (what an apt name!) is a blog with a focus on Index Investing (previously Index Investing In Singapore).  What I like and at the same time was also Kevin’s purpose of starting his blog was because people don’t tend to write about index investing but focus on the other sexy stuff. In his exact words, “Information on index investing in a local context (Singapore) was rather hard to come by back then (actually, it still is right now), which was why I started a blog back in December 2012 to document my journey and share my experiences.

I especially like how he makes the discussion about index investing interesting to read especially in his recent article “Confessions of an Index Investor“. Excerpts are as follows:

“I have a confession to make. You know about the SGX stocks related to the oil and gas sector with falling share prices? The darlings of yesterdays like Keppel Corporation, SembCorp Marine and SembCorp Industries? The very ones with juicy yields right now? I’m invested in those. 

You know SGX stocks that were targeted by heavy short-selling in December 2015 and January 2016? Yes, these commodities related businesses have had it pretty rough these couple of months. Google for the battered share prices of Wilmar, Golden-Agri Resources or Noble Group and weep silently. I’m invested in those, too.”

Followed by:

“Warnings of catching a falling knife can be seen every single day. People have advised against continued buying of these battered stocks with seemingly high yields – falling knives, while others have indicated the tremendous value of buying them now – “cheap” stocks.

Yes, perhaps some of them could be falling knives. I would like to think of the STI as a falling knife block, and I intend to catch it, because I believe in the overall integrity of the collection of 30 knives which would eventually make for great cutting tools.”

The cutting tools reference really made me LOL. Its really an interesting read for people looking to diversify into index funds. And not only does he cover equity index funds, his most recent post was about a bond index fund – the ABF SG Bond Index Fund with a breakdown of the fund’s holdings right there for us to see.



Value Edge

Started by the duo of Tee Leng and Sui Chuan, ValueEdge is a site with a significant portion of their articles directed towards investor education especially in the direction of articles that make you think during and after you read them and then makes you think on how to apply them to your daily life. Those are good articles.

One of which is their ongoing 7 part series (its already up to part 6!) on “The Sins of Investing”, the likes of Lust, Pride, Sloth, Envy, Wrath and Gluttony. These are articles that really make you think.

Another highlight of their site are the manner in which they simplify sexy sounding financial jargons like “Asymmetrical Payoffs” and “Optionality




value invest asia

And fittingly for the final entry, we have none other than our own “Value Invest Asia” (I couldn’t resist not putting us in LOL).

Our site has a simple aim – to be THE “go-to investment library for Companies listed in Asia”. We started off this project as an idea to pen our thoughts on Companies as a library of sorts. Ever researched on a company but at the end of the day found the valuation too rich for your liking and in the end just place your notes on the Company in some corner of your room never to be found again?

Well that happened to us, alot. So we decided to use VIA to pen down our thoughts and in the event the Company comes under the radar again, we need not work from scratch all over again. With already a list of how the Company makes its money coupled with the company’s strengths and weaknesses, it would be a much more effective refresher for us.

Initially our idea was to analyse companies on just the companies on the Straits Times Index, Hang Seng Index and Kuala Lumpur Composite Index. However over time, we realised that why not expand our universe to ALL THE COMPANIES (Starting with SGX) listed on the above exchanges?

That’s our plan, so bear with us while we add to our library! In any case, we do realise that we have a lot of ground to cover and do give us a heads up if any of you out there joins in our idea of creating the largest investment library for publicly listed companies in Asia! Contact us right HERE.



A special shoutout to Derek at for his site that consolidates local blogs enabling readers (you and I) to have a one-stop platform for all things concerning Singapore Finance from investing (property, stocks, trading) all the way to Personal Finance (insurance, saving, spending).

Visit his site to uncover other awesome investment blogs that I might have missed out and do let me know here 🙂


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Investment Blog Photo Credits: Respective Sites

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