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Have absolutely no idea how to start investing in the stock market? We created this Step-By-Step Online Course To Get You Started. Follow us as we share with you one new lesson every week!


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Our Course is created based on some of the materials discussed within our book. Our book will take you through a more detailed study into how to apply value investing concepts in Asia.



“The book is a great contribution to the investing society. Stanley and Mun Hong have been able to put together the valuable experiences and wisdom of many Asian outstanding fund managers!”
Dr. Tan Chong Koay

Executive Chairman, Phiem Asset Management

“This is not just a book about value investing. Instead, it is a manual for value investing with an Asian twist that investors with an eye on the fastest-growing region in the world will reach for whenever they have questions that need answers.”
Dr. David Kuo

CEO, The Motley Fool Singapore

“Stanley Lim and Mun Hong have skillfully weaved three things together in this book for the Asian investor: the key principles of value investing, where to identify the investment opportunities and the mine fields to side step in Asia. With these skills, the investor can start investing in Asia.”
Mr. Wong Kok Hoi

Founder & CIO, APS Asset Management

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Value Investing is a skill. And like all skill, practice makes perfect. The best way to learn is to do, and the best way to do is to start!

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