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Beginner’s Guide: Class 15

What’s Next?

 You have learned about:

  • What is value investing.
  • How we can think like a value investor.
  • Where to look for information about a stock
  • How to read financial statements
  • How to do basic financial ratio analysis
  • How to start your first brokerage account
  • How to research for investment ideas
  • How to value a stock

Investment is a marathon, not a sprint!

Bear in mind that investment is a life-long journey. We are investing to save up for something in a distant future; for retirement, for our kids’ education, to start a business. Therefore, we must run this race like a marathon and not a 100m dash. Be patient and not rush into buying the first stock that you come across. There are more than 20,000 listed companies here in Asia, and all we need in a good portfolio is no more than 30 stocks.

Slow and Steady Always Win The Race

Tthe three types of value we discussed earlier are Asset Value, Current Earnings Power Value, Growth Value. We can use these three value to create the structure of our portfolio.

For me personally, I have the main bulk of my investment in Current Earnings Power value type of companies while adding some growth and asset value companies. However, you can form your own judgement on how you want to structure them and find a combination that you are comfortable with.

Investing is about having a good process, not just picking the right stocks.

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