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Control Back Your Investment

Congratulation on taking back control of your own investment. We try to create a simple to follow club structure, to allow you to learn and create your own successful portfolio through our own portfolio! Here is how to make full use of our club’s benefits!


Weekly Articles

We curate and summarise the most important news of the week for you. Saving you time and energy.

Trade Alert

We will update you in real time whenever Stanley makes a trade for his personal portfolio.


Premium Podcast

We give you special features of our podcast where you can’t get anywhere else.

Portfolio Tracking

Stanley’s portfolio will be updated monthly, allowing you to track the stocks he buys and owns.


Our Facebook Group allows you to dig our teams’ brain about investing or stock related questions


Grow together, learn together, invest together with fellow club members!

Weekly Newsletter

Cut The Noise

No one has time to dig through all the investment news everyday. We curate and sort out the important news for you weekly and let you focus on the information that really matters.

Get a new commentary delivered to you every Monday morning.

Track Stanley’s Portfolio

growing together

Stanley has spent the last 12 years building up his portfolio to more than a million in value. We give you a monthly update on the status of his portfolio so that we can all grow together.

We are building a sharing community. Join our Facebook Group or Internal Forum and chat with all members, including our team too.

Premium Podcast Content

Special Insights

We interview founders and business leaders around Asia. Get each episode a week before we published to the public. Additional premium access includes behind- the-scene analysis of the interview & the company.