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How to Grow $1,000,000

Hi, I am Stanley, club chairman. Come join me as I share with you everything you need to know to start growing your portfolio. I have spent the past decade learning, saving and growing my portfolio to over S$1.5 million. Here is my secret.

The Beginning
I started investing back in 2006 after joining the work force as an engineer. I quickly realized it is impossible to reach financial freedom just through the job.
The Mistake

I learned value investing through reading all the books I could get my hands on and experimenting different strategies in the market. However, mistakes are plenty and I even saw 50% of my portfolio wiped out during the 2008 crisis.

The Turning Point

Seeing that I needed a better system of investing, I set out to learn more directly from those who have done it. I took up the CFA program and networked my way into the financial industry.

Struggling Years

The early years were tough as growth was very slow as I was just starting with a small capital. For the first 5-6 years, I am not seeing significant results as my growth is small in term of absolute amount. I have thought that investing does not work and wanted to quit investing all together.

Power of Compounding

However, by saving actively with my wife, our investment finally grew to a critical mass after 8 years of investing and saving. From there on, we are finally about to see how our investment is making a bigger impact on our wealth.

The Forever Portfolio

After more than a decade in investing, I realized the importance of investing in quality companies, to set up a portfolio that will last the test of time. Join me on my journey and together we can explore and grow our portfolios together.

Portfolio Tracking

I am publishing the status of my entire portfolio on a monthly basis. See and learn how I grow my portfolio, including a trade alert feature, where I will share my analysis with you everytime I make a new trade.

Premium Podcast

We interview founders and business leaders around Asia. Get each episode a week before we publish to the public.

Additional premium access includes behind-the-scene analysis of both the interview & the company.

Weekly Analysis

Our weekly article will feature a detailed analysis. Find out more about my latest research on a company, how I look at the market and all things investing.


2 heads are better than 1.
100 heads are even better. Life is a journey and walking it with like-minded people makes it more enjoyable. Share, learn and make new friends with our community. Our team members will also be around to help you with any investing questions you might have.

Weekly Deep insights 

Every week, I will share a detailed article on companies I am researching on or thoughts on investing. I will talk about my analysis on companies that I have invested in, what are the risks and opportunities within each of them. We can talk about my view on major events happening around the world and how it can impact our investment. 

More importantly, you can even suggest topics and companies where you want to learn more about for some of our weekly commentaries. After all, communication is a 2-way street!

I will share the insights I have about how to create a sustainable and growing portfolio. We will explore what it takes to reach financial freedom as fast as possible.

track stanley’s portfolio

I have grown my portfolio to over S$1.5 million and I’ll update you monthly on the status of my portfolio and trades I made during that month. Here are some of the stocks I have invested in before. Let’s grow together toward financial freedom.

-Investment and Their Returns Till Now-


Straco Corp


Vitrox Corp




Tingyi Holdings

Share and learn with the community

Life is not just about where you are going, it is about who you are going there with!

The key reason why I have been able to grow fast as an investor is mainly because I surround myself with investors who are much better than me very early on. By learning from other great investors, I am able to figure out what works and what didn’t.

The power of community is real, we hope to bring that power to you as well. Giving you the network to succeed, to find wealth and freedom for yourself.

More importantly, you might just find great friendship within. What is better than finding like-minded friends who share your hopes and dreams. Let’s succeed together!

premium access podcast

In investing, we believe in learning more about the business and now just the stock price. That is why we provide exclusive podcast interview with founders and business leaders of listed companies around Asia, to learn more about their business and about how to be successful in Asia.

Our club members are able to gain access to many premium features for our podcast program, including:

  • Early release of new episodes.
  • Full uncut version of the interviews.
  • Full Transcript of interview.
  • My analysis of the interviewee and the company.

members’ Testimonial

Listen to what our members are saying about us and some of our events!

Thanks Stanley and Team for organising the sessions, it was certainly very informative and I enjoyed the forums. Though I could not join live, the recorded sessions all allow me to review and go back again where needed to digest some of the discussion points.

The selected counters also gives us deeper insights of the companies from various perspectives…. and this is highly valuable, thanks again Waimin

Retiree , Comment On our past event

Thank you so much, Stanley and the team for the wonderful sessions. Gained so much insights! William

Working & Investing, Comment On our past event

Dear Stanley + Team, please accept my most sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentations and documentation you shared for the Value Invest Asia Grand Webinar 2018.

It was very stimulating to learn about your experiences investing in Asia, and having the opportunity to get to know, first hand, the depth of knowledge you have developed.

Your stories about your Asian companies were fascinating. The slides you showed, gave us an orderly way to learn and understand your insights on Value Investing. I think we couldn’t have gained it in any other way.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and experiences with us, I have really enjoyed it. Ignacio

America Investor, Comment On our Grand Webinar

Being A Social Enterprise

We have always set out to be a company with a social purpose. We have seen many examples of great and honest individuals who have fall into financial hardship, simply because they are not well educated financially.

We want to change all that for the future generation.

We believed that financial education should be a key component of the solution in ending poverty globally.

Therefore, we have a promise to all stakeholders of the company that we will provision a part of our annual revenue on these initiatives in Southeast Asia:

  • Children’s Education
  • Children’s Rights And Ending Child Poverty

VIA Yearly

Club Membership

Value investors always hunt for value. Our VIA Club Membership has got to be the value of a lifetime.

The total value you will be getting includes:

  • Downloadable E-Book (Worth USD 168)
  • Monthly Tracking of Stanley’s Portfolio (Worth USD 684)
  • Weekly Commentary Articles (Worth USD 750)
  • Premium Podcast Access (Worth USD 577)
  • Special Members’ Discount on All Future Events / Products
  • Access To Community Group (Worth USD 655)

A total value of USD 2,834.00. But as part of our first launch promotion and thanking you for being our pioneer members, you will get all these for only USD 168 per Year.

*Plus you will get a 14-day Full Money back guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Subscription?

Yes. You can either sign up and be charged for a monthly or yearly subscription to our VIA Club. 

p.s. Yearly is a better deal.

Do I need A Facebook Account

You will only need a Facebook account if you want to connect with the rest of the club members who are on our yearly subscription plan. You can still enjoy many contents and chat with us via the comment tab within our VIA Club Website.

What if I do not have a Facebook Account?

You can easily register for one at

Is this a scam?

What kind of question is that? This is an investment club where we will share many of our discoveries and research on the market. It is also a place for like-minded investors to connect with one another. It is a great club for anyone interested in investing in Asia. Our club Chairman, Stanley, has been investing in more than a decade and will be sharing with you some of his thoughts and past mistakes.
We are NOT selling any investment products, especially those that promise you 20% return a month. Stay away from those, please.

Is There a Refund Policy?

Yes, you will have a 7-day full refund protection for the Monthly plan and a 14-day full refund protection for our yearly plan. Please note there might be a very small admin charges from our payment provider for processing the refund.

Still Have Questions Before You Join?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.



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