Value Investing is not for everyone. However, it is a learnable skill. Here are the things you need to become a great value investor.

What Skills Do I Need?

Before you even start the learning process, you would need to master these 4 areas:

  • Basic Maths
  • Read
  • Have patience

Investment can take a long time to realize its return. Investors need to be patience enough to wait out the return rather than constantly looking for the next big idea. It took Tencent Holdings 13 years to return more than 31,500% to its shareholders but the share price can drop more than 10% in any given year.

  • Control your emotions

You have to learn to keep your emotion out of the equation when investing. Market can stay irrational for a long time and it is important we focus on the fundamentals of our investment rather than the sentiment of the market.

How To Get Started?

To view the full class and to download all the class notes, click here.

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