Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Asia (#4): Are There Successful Value Investors In Asia?



So Are There Successful Investors In Asia?

Although most of the great value investors we hear about are predominately based in the US. Warren Buffett being the most famous of all, has returned more than 20.8% a year for investors since 1965 to 2017. If you have invested $10,000 in his company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NYSE:BRK-A) in 1965, it would be worth more than $197 million by the beginning of 2017. Over the past few decades, Buffett has focused on buying great companies that can grow for a long time.

Other famous value investors include Seth Klarman, founder of Baupost Group, an investment company. Since 1983, his fund has returned about 19% a year till 2010. Another example is Walter Schloss. He is a colleague of Warren Buffett when they are both working for Benjamin Graham. He has returned about 15% per annum for his clients over his 50 years of managing funds. Both Seth Klarman and Walter Schloss are what we called deep value investors, where they looked for companies that are extremely undervalued, mostly based on their asset value.

This shows that you can achieved great investment returns regardless of what your style of investment might be.

Similarly in Asia, there are many example of great investors. Here are some of them….

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