Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Asia (#1): Can We Really Make Money In The Asian Stock Market?

Can You Really Make Money In The Stock Market?

The Stock Market Is A Big Casino

It is true, most of the people in the stock market are just gambling. This is happening both among retail investors and institutional investors. It is almost like a roulette table, with people betting on random stock codes when they have absolutely no idea what the company is. As with all games of luck, some will definitely win big, but most will lose.

But just because the stock market is like a giant casino, it does not mean real serious investors would have to play the same game as everyone else.

For example, in a casino, there are a group of people who are good at counting cards in the game of Black Jack. Many are so good at consistently winning money that many casinos have banned them.

In the stock market, there is also a group of investors that is constantly making money. This group of people is the value investors. And the greatest of them all is an investor by the name of Warren Buffett.

Value Investing is a proven strategy that allows long-term investors to make money in the stock market. The first thing to know about investing in the stock market is the key difference between investing and trading.

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