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Tay Jun Hao – The Asia Report

TheAsiaReportJun Hao started his investment journey back in 2010. He is currently the Investment Director for a Family Office that predominantly invests in publicly listed businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

Jun Hao was the founder and Investment Officer of Bloomsbury Capital, the first student led fund in University College London that was seeded with GBP 5,000. In 2013, he won the Orbis Funds Stock Picking Challenge, generating an absolute return of 55.7%, or an out-performance of 21.7% against the benchmark.

Jun Hao currently also writes about his investing experiences and reflections at ValueLetters.com


Gerald – SG Wealth Builder

SG Wealth Builder

Gerald is an average Singaporean male who started his wealth building journey in 1994. Coming from a humble background, he realized the importance of financial literacy and how money management can change a person’s destiny. Through the years, there were valuable lessons learned in life that he really hope to pass on to the next generation. Gerald wants to leave behind a legacy, so that when he passed on, people can still benefit from his knowledge. Therefore Gerald created SG Wealth Builder to share his thoughts on various money-making, investments and wealth building ideas.

Gerald’s objective is to engage Singaporeans on topics related to personal finance, entrepreneurship and investments, such as shares and real estate.


Hedge X – The Hedgehog

Hedge X. is currently an emerging markets credit trader with wide-ranging interests in single-name credits, equities, rates and currencies, and specifically in macro and event-strategies.

Professionally, he trades local currency bonds as well as G3 Asian/regional names and has the privilege of counting several industry veterans as his mentors.


Jerry Lee – The Bf Gf Money Blog

Jerry Lee is an entrepreneur and small-time businessman who started investing in late 2010 to build up capital for his business forays. Upon successful confirmation of his BTO  (build-to-order) flat  purchase, his Gf and him got more serious about financial matters.  The Bf Gf Blog was started to chart out the couple’s money management decisions and journey to financial freedom. They write about Couple Finance, Money Management, Savings, Investments, Deals and Low-Cost dates.  Jerry Lee was also the winner of the SGX Stock Whiz competition in 2014.


Goh Tee Leng & Yeo Sui Chuan – ValueEdge  ValueEdge

ValueEdge was founded by two enterprising students, Goh Tee Leng and Yeo Sui Chuan who are currently studying Economics in University College London and Finance in the National University of Singapore respectively. Both of them have started their investment journey at a relatively young age and have contributed significantly in the field of investing education through their website.

Goh Tee Leng began his investment journey when he was 20, at the point when the financial markets was still recovering from the global financial crisis. He is currently the Chief Research Officer at Bloomsbury Capital and Co-Editor at EFS Equilibirum Magazine.

Yeo Sui Chuan embarked on his investing career in 2011, based on the principles of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. He was a Fundamental Analysis Director at NUS Investment Society and was featured on the Sunday Times and Business Times’ Young Investor.


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TheFinance.sg keeps all the good local blogs on Singapore Finance together in one place, making it easier for anyone who wants to learn about Investing and Personal Finance. It aims to create a community where like-minded people can share ideas, get connected and help each other to develop their understanding in different areas of finance

TheFinance.sg is visited and contributed to by people from different walks of life, from students and those learning about Finance for the first time, to seasoned traders and experienced investors who have generously agreed to share their knowledge and experience.