About VaIue Invest Asia

Value Invest Asia started as a simple idea.

While we are still studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst Program, three of us met at a CFA event.

We were just starting out in our career but we found out even then, that not many people in the financial world are true believers of value investing. We were practicing value investors since then and eager to improve our skills and knowledge at that time. Our common belief and interest bonded us together and over many sessions of discussion, we talked about the difficulty of being a value investor in Asia, where information is not well organized for the investor.

Unlike the US market, where you can find detailed information about any company with a simple search, that was hardly the case in Asia.

Still, we all are optimistic about the future of Asia, on how it would become the #1 economy in the world in our lifetime. With that, we should also see the rise of more Asian businesses to the world stage, where we as investors can take part in.

Yet, most of the financial advice available in the market is skewed with tons of conflict of interests. Most financial advisors were and still are incentivised to maximise their own commission instead of the welfare of their clients. Most fund managers are still underperforming basic passive index funds. That was when the idea for Value Invest Asia was born on a simple bench in SMU.
We realized that there is no one better to manage our own finances than ourselves.

Value Invest Asia is here to bridge that gap, to provide the information necessary for investors to make informed decisions when investing in Asia.

We want to create content that we will want to know ourselves as investors. Thus, all our contributors must be investor 1st, journalist 2nd.

You can learn more about our founders here.

Current Investment Industry

Much of the investment industry now is very confusing for investors and tainted with conflict of interests.

97% Of All Fund Managers

Are NOT even beating their benchmark but still charging high-fees.

By Investors, For Investors

All our content are produced by seasoned investors, many have built multi-million portfolios from long-term value investing

Pushing For Transparency

We are here to call spade a spade & unearth hidden diamonds as diamonds.

Play By Your Own Rule!

We are part of a group of investors who have been making money in the Asian stock markets by playing with our own rules.

Much of the financial advice given in the market today are filled with conflict of interests. We search out our own research, cut through the smokes in the market and get to the truth.

We only rely on public information and seek out the best of the best investors to learn from them.We are here to push for a more transparent stock market and we are Value Invest Asia.

Value Invest Asia is a financial site that havebeen shortlisted by Singapore Exchange (SGX) Orb Awards as one of the three “GoTo.com” financial websites in Singapore.

Find out more about the Orb Awards Here.

We created a FREE investment program for total beginners. This is our Beginner’s Guide To Investing In The Asian Stock Market.

This course is designed for keen learners with absolutely no knowledge about investing. If you can do simple maths, then you will be able to follow the course.

“Value Investing In Asia: The Definitive Guide To Investing In Asia”.