5 Tools To Supercharge Your Investment Process: For A Malaysia Investor

Ever since I was young, I was always fascinated with cars. I was such a car nut that I ended up studying automotive engineering for my major in University. In my youth, I regularly surf the used car domain, imagining myself buying an American muscle car and supercharging it. Of course, that was before I realize how lousy an investment a car was, not to mention the huge road tax, given that road tax in Malaysia is gauged by the capacity of the engine.

That was when I turned from a car nut to a stock nut. However, my desire to “supercharge” things never disappeared. Living in the technological age allows us to find many tools to help us supercharge our investment process. Unlike Warren Buffett, who found his stock mainly through reading annual reports and thick stock manuals page by page, we now have very effective tools available right at a click away.

So, here are 5 of my favourite tools that have helped me supercharged my investment process when researching companies on Bursa Malaysia.

You can also read my 5 favourite tools I used when researching companies on the Singapore Exchange here.

Bursa Market Place

A good stock screener is hard to come by. Most of us do not have access to a Bloomberg machine, which cost thousands of dollars a month. However, how can we shortlist the number of stocks in the market to find possible investments in the sea of stocks?

Bursa Malaysia has come up with a great free offering for investors. The Bursa Market Place is an easy-to-use website for new investors to get started. It offers a good screener for us to look dig through companies worth investigating. The website also allows us to search brokerage reports on the many companies. Overall, it is a good place for investors to learn more about the Malaysia Stock Market.

Google Alert

I have been investing for more than a decade now. I invested in and followed hundreds of stocks. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to keep track of the development on all my investments. Thus, one great tool that I used to keep track of all news happenings in my companies is Google Alert. Google Alert allows me to track all my companies or even other keywords I am interested in real time. You can simply enter all the companies you are following and link them to your google account. Google will actively send you news it found regarding your companies, directly to your mailbox. It saved me a huge amount of time from searching all the companies I owned, one-by-one on the google search bar.

KLSE Screener – Mobile Application

There are tons of mobile application available for us to choose from to help us in our research of the Malaysia stock market. One of my favourites is the KLSE Screener. It has a web version stock screener and also a mobile application for both Android and Apple iPhone. The application allows me to have a quick scan on companies I am researching on. It also gives our stock alerts on company announcements and news.

For investors who do not have time to check on their investment one at a time, KLSE Screener is a great way to monitor all your stock investments in Malaysia in one place.

uValue – Mobile Application

Warren Buffett must value his companies by hand, I started out with an excel spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel. Both are long and tedious processes in valuing a company.

Co-developed by the famous Professor Aswath Damodaran from the Stern School of Business at New York University, the mobile app allows investors to do a valuation on a company right with their mobile phone. The application allows investors to choose from a few versions of discounted cash flow valuation models. We can simply input our assumptions into the app, together with the data we found about the company and it would give use an estimated intrinsic value of the company we are researching on.

However, you must know that the valuation is only as good as the assumptions we enter into the program. Therefore, we must be careful not to follow the value we calculated blindly when researching a company.

You can download the app here.

iBursa 2 – Mobile Application

Another mobile application that I used for my Malaysian portfolio is the iBursa 2 application. I can store my portfolio by keying in all my trades into the application. iBursa 2 can then help me track the performance of my portfolio. It gives me valuable information such as the market value of my portfolio, my cost, my unrealised and realised gains. It is a simple way for me to keep track of how my portfolio in Malaysia is doing at all time.

The Final Value

There are many more tools available to help us manage our investment more effectively. However, most of the time, we just need a few of them that can lessen the time we used to find the data required in our investment process. With the time saved, we would be able to spend more time researching on our next big idea.

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