5 Investment Forums You HAVE to Check Out!

Looking for Like-minded Investors?

For those just started out investing, the global investing community offering useful information and learning points is much bigger than you would think. Other than scouring through third-party websites such as popular investment blogs, finance websites or just grabbing research reports from your retail broker to search for investment ideas, there are several investment forums/message boards one can utilize to augment one’s investment knowledge.

Michael Burry, founder of ex hedge fund Scion Capital (the guy that went to work in shorts and slippers in “The Big Short”) which ran between 2000 until 2008, had frequently wrote on message boards such as Silicon Investors on stock investments. Joel Greenblatt, one of the more renown value investors we know today and author of  “The Little Book that Beats the Market” which introduced the “magic formula investing” co-founded a website called the Value Investors Club (VIC) which stores a library of stock ideas. He mentioned that his co-founder, John Petry had found a positing on Yahoo message board that had also analyzed a same investment situation in a similar fashion which both of them had initially figured out. They then realized that message boards were a fertile ground for attracting like-minded intellectuals who could share ideas with each other.

Anyway, below are some of the investment forums/message boards one can scour through, hopefully learn something new or discover another hidden gem.

1) Corner of Berkshire & Fairfax Message Board


As the name might suggest, the forum widely discusses investment related topics on Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett) and Fairfax Financial (Prema Watsa).

However, its most popular category is its Investment Ideas. Although its US-centric, discussion threads tend to provide a healthy dose of ideas and financial discussion.

2) ValueBuddies


This website offers several categories, mostly investment related. One of the older Singapore-based investment forums around, its most active categories are its Singapore and Hong Kong listed forum categories. The good thing about it is that there are dedicated threads to individual companies making it easy for people to navigate.

3) Value Investor Club


As briefly mentioned earlier, an exclusive online investment forum founded by Joel Greenblatt and his co-founder John Petry. In Greenblatt’s words, his purpose of the website was apparently to “seek out other intelligent life out there”. There was a pre-qualifying criteria for people to join as a member, and that is to submit an investment recommendation which would then be graded by fund managers. Although the application process is rigorous, anyone can still register as a guest to view the website’s wealthy list of investment ideas with a 45 days delay.

Did you know that even famous value investors such as Whitney Tilson, who manages the hedge fund T2 Partners also tend to use the website for investment ideas.

4) Old School Value Forum


Easy to navigate. Another great site for those just started out in investing. Although not as comprehensive as the other websites listed in this article, it encompasses stock ideas and value investing concepts discussed by forum posters.

5) Value Chamber


Value Chamber is a by-invitation only online investment club where the website seeks to attract investors in Asia to share their best investment ideas. Similar to Value Investor Club (VIC), membership depends on the sharing of investment ideas. That’s all there is to it!

Think of us as a “Master Mind” Group (more on that in Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich), only that we are accessible online! Details right HERE!


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