5 Companies With Strong Dividend Growth In The Past Decade


Planning your investment for the next decade? Here are 5 companies that have been great dividend grower in the last decade.

Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd (2318:HK)

Ping An Insurance Group is one of the largest insurance companies in China. The growth the company has experienced is quite remarkable. Its revenue has grown from RMB 37 billion in 2001 to more than RMB 278 billion in 2014. Its dividend per has grown from RMB0.06 per share in 2001 to RMB0.70 per share in 2014, which is a compounded growth of 20% for the last 13 years. Yet, the payout ratio is generally below 20% for this insurance giant.

CNOOC Ltd (883:HK)

One of the largest oil producer in mainland China, CNOOC Ltd focused on exploring offshore assets both domestically and internationally. The company only started paying out dividend in FY1999, with a RMB0.03 per share dividend to a RMB0.45 per share dividend in FY2014.

Fast Retailing Co. Ltd(9983:JP)

Fast Retailing Co. Ltd is the brand owner of the exploding brand UNIQLO. It is also one of the largest companies in the Japanese Exchange. Its growth has been quite impressive, revenue started at only Yen83.1 billion in FY1998 and reached Yen1.4 trillion in FY2014. Similarly, its dividend grew from Yen2.50 per share in FY1998 to Yen300.00 per share in FY2014, a stellar 32% growth compounded for 17 years.

PTT Public Company Limited (PTT:TB)

PTT PCL is the state-controlled integrated oil and gas company of Thailand. The company is one of the largest oil producer in the region and considered as one of the largest companies in Thailand. The company achieved strong growth in its revenue, increasing from THB 365.1 billion in FY2000 to THB2,842.1 billion in FY2013. However, the growth in revenue did not translate strongly to the growth in dividend. Although the company has not missed a dividend since FY2001 till now, its dividend only increased from 8 cents a share to 13 cents a share for the past 12 years.

Astra International tbk PT(ASII:IJ)

Astra International is the largest automotive company in Indonesia. The company has grew its revenue from IDR4.9 trillion in FY1991 to the current IDR193.9 trillion in FY2013. Although the company only started paying consistent dividend in FY2003, its dividend per share has increased from 22 cents a share in FY2003 to 216 cents a share in FY2013.

If you are looking for companies paying consistent dividend, these are a few you should keep an eye out for.

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