#3 The Asian Entrepreneur: Interview with Chairman of Sarine Technologies Ltd



This is episode #3!

Mr. Daniel Glinert is the Chairman of Sarine Technologies Ltd (SGX:U77).

Sarine Technologies

Exchange: Singapore Exchange

Stock Price: SGD 0.94 (5th June 2018)

Market Capitalisation: SGD 334.5 million

P/E Ratio: 36.8 x

Dividend Yield: 4.4%

Mr. Daniel Glinert is the Chairman of Sarine Technologies (SGX:U77).

Sarine Technologies is a key diamond manufacturing process solution provider for the diamond manufacturers across the world. Sarine Technologies has the visual technology to massively improve the efficiency of diamond manufacturing.

The story of Sarine Technologies is very interesting. The company was only a small part of another company which Mr. Glinert has acquired with his partner. In the beginning, they were very focused on growing their other businesses and did not take a particular interest in Sarine Technologies. However, as time goes by, Mr. Glinert realised what a diamond mind he was sitting on with Sarine Technologies.

We chatted with him about that story, on how he tried to pushed Sarine Technologies into the medical space but failed and how Sarine Technologies became what it is today. We also discussed what does the future hold for Sarine Technologies and how they might be disrupting the entire diamond retail market in the future. Enjoy!

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