#2 The Asian Entrepreneur – Lim Chung Chun (iFast Corporation Ltd)



This is episode #2!

Mr. Lim Chung Chun is the Chairman & CEO of iFast Corporation Ltd (SGX:AIY).

iFast Corporation Ltd

Exchange: Singapore Exchange

Stock Price: SGD 0.89 (3rd May 2018)

Market Capitalisation: SGD 238.0 million

P/E Ratio: 26.4 x

Dividend Yield: 3.5%

Mr. Lim Chung Chun is the Chairman and CEO of iFast Corporation Ltd (SGX:AIY).

Mr. Lim co-founded fundsupermart.com during the first dot-com boom. This is the story of his beginning on how he grew iFast Corporation to be a regional powerhouse in the financial sector. He also discussed how iFast Corp is still looking to disrupt more sector with its new products and offerings.

In my opinion, iFast Corporation is the most successful Fintech in Singapore at the moment, even before the word “Fintech” has been invented.
This is his story.

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