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Mission: For Investors, By Investors

To empower all investors with the information and technology to enable them to become their best personal fund managers.


All our contents are created by experienced investors, to bring independent analysis and research on listed companies, the stock markets and the economy to the public. Value Invest Asia strives to provide the information, education and tools for investors to invest in the Asian Stock Markets like the professional fund managers.

Why are we doing this? And How do we plan to do it?

We realized that many blogs and website dedicated to value investing are based on the US market. Moreover, there is a lack of independent stock market source around Asia. So we set out to create a site that produces value investing education information and independent analysis on Asian companies, specifically designed for investors in Asia.

More importantly, we see that there is a lack of independent sources and analysis about companies and the stock markets in Asia. Value Invest Asia creates high-quality and unique content for investors in Asia. We do that by creating educational content and information about companies listed in Asia, updated every week. If you sign up for our mailing list, you would be able to receive a FREE monthly Asia-In-Focus Report, where we analyse the major financial news in Asia for you.

Value Invest Asia is a site for you to learn, share and network on how to practice value investing in Asia.

We want to develop a tribe of passionate value investors in Asia. Together, we aspire to be your go-to website in your process of finding potential companies to invest in. In sharing quick and simple-to-understand analysis, we strive to help you in your investment quest of Asian listed companies.



The connected “V” & “A” symbolises the constant volatility in the stock market. Yet, a true investor (denote by the “i”) would be able to handle her (or his) investment regardless of the market conditions. It also represents our aspiration of spreading this idea of (value) investing throughout Asia.

Finally, a little red dot shows our beginnings here in Singapore.

Why Value Invest Asia

Founded by three investment professionals, we are bound by our belief in the concept of value investing. We want to share with you the idea of value investing and how to apply it in Asia. It has definitely changed our lives over the past decade. Therefore, we hope it would help you to learn more about value investing. More importantly, helping you in your journey of becoming financially free as well.

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Thank you for your support! Welcome, let’s explore value investing together.

Our Company

ValueInvestAsia.com is managed by Slimhawk Partners Pte. Ltd. (201708804Z), a Singapore-registered company.

To find out more about Slimhawk Partners Pte. Ltd., please visit us at Slimhawk.com


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